What we recycle

Gold & Precious Metal Recycling

Action recycling has been an experienced buyer of precious metals for as long we have been buying copper and aluminum. We currently buy these common precious metals; gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We will most likely buy other rare precious metals. We have prices that blow away most the competition, locally and nationally. Give us a try and you’ll be a customer for life. Please contact us for questions and appointments.

U.S. jewelry is usually found in 10k gold (.416%), 14k gold (.583%) and 18k gold (.750%). We purchase raw gold, gold coins and gold plated items. In fact if it’s contains gold, we will probably buy almost anything.

We purchase silver coins, silver jewely, electrical silver contacts, sterling silver ( 92.5 % or .925 % ) and other silver items. We do not purchase silver plated items for their silver content but will still buy the base metal for scrap.

Platinum jewelry and other platinum items can also be purchased.

Along with palladium we will also purchase other precious metals including items that may contain precious metal content such as catalytic converters from most vehicles. Please call us if you are unsure of your material and we will do our best in answering questions in identifying your precious metal.